Starting a Crowdfunding Campaign Using Over 200-Year-Old Sacred Trees Toppled by the Earthquake as Return Gifts to Support Reconstruction

In the Reiwa 6th year Noto Peninsula earthquake, stone structures such as torii gates collapsed, and over 200-year-old sacred trees were toppled by landslides, causing significant damage to our company as well. Starting April 23, 2024, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign on CAMPFIRE to rebuild the shrine, which has been a spiritual support for the people of Noto Town, and to aim for regional reconstruction.

As a token of gratitude, we will create “Recovery Wish Ema” (votive tablets) and “Sacred Tree Soda” from the parts of the sacred trees that have fulfilled their roles, and send them according to the plan. We ask for your support so that the people living in Noto can have a safe place to visit as soon as possible.

CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Project Page:

Here is an overview of the crowdfunding:


Since the Heian period, Sakadari Shrine, which has been watching over the people of Noto, was damaged in the Reiwa 6th year Noto Peninsula earthquake

We pray for the repose of those who lost their lives due to the Reiwa 6th year Noto Peninsula earthquake.

Sakataru Shrine, located in Ushitsu, Noto Town, was founded at the beginning of the Heian period. It is famous for its drift god legend and leads the summer festival “Abare Festival (” with Hakusan Shrine across the bay.

あばれ祭の様子Abare Festival

On January 1, 2024, during the New Year’s visit, the Reiwa 6th year Noto Peninsula earthquake occurred, causing the collapse of many stone structures such as torii gates and lanterns at our shrine. Also, two sacred trees approximately 200 years old that stood on the slope of the 120-step approach collapsed under the weight of snow and landslides. The proud view from the hill overlooking the town and its people was dramatically changed, becoming irreplaceable. As an urgent issue, it is necessary to quickly remove the fallen sacred trees to prevent secondary disasters.

To remove these, it is necessary to lift them with a crane, which is expected to cost a significant amount.

大人が10人寝られるほどの規模の根がひっくり返っていますThe roots of a tree large enough for ten adults to sleep under have been overturned

Although part of the shrine also collapsed and its foundation became distorted, it is still standing somehow. With the funds from this crowdfunding, we hope to provide a safe place for the people of Noto Town to visit the shrine again.

あばれ祭りで重要な役割を担ってきた御旅所鳥居(左:震災前、右:倒壊した鳥居のお祓いをする当社宮司)The left image shows the torii gate at the temporary shrine (left: before the earthquake, right: purification of the collapsed torii by our priest)

左:震災前の春祭りの様子(2019年)、右:震災後Left: Spring festival before the earthquake (2019), right: after the earthquake

Returning the retired sacred trees as “Naorai” to the supporters

In Shinto, there is an important event called “Naorai,” where food offered to the gods, such as rice and sake, is taken down from the altar and shared among everyone. In gratitude for the sacred trees that have completed their roles due to the earthquake, some of the wood will be used for repairs to the main shrine, and other parts will be distributed as Naorai.

役目を終えた樹齢200年以上の御神木Retired sacred trees aged over 200 years

This project has been realized with the cooperation of many people who care about Noto. The process of creating the return gifts is infused with support for those who continue their businesses despite the disaster, and everything is done within Ishikawa Prefecture by local contractors, sawmills, and distilleries.

Recovery Wish Ema of Sakadari Shrine

復興祈願絵馬 イメージRecovery Wish Ema Image

This is the Recovery Wish Ema of Sakadari Shrine made from parts of the long-standing sacred trees that have watched over the mountains and seas of Noto and its people. True to the shrine’s characteristic, shaped like a trapezoidal sake barrel on which the deity arrived.

As a ticket to Noto Peninsula, we hope that those who support us will one day visit Noto and hang the ema at Sakadari Shrine.

“QINO SODA (Tree Soda)”

木のソーダ イメージTree Soda from Sakataru Shrine Sacred Tree

A non-alcoholic, unsweetened carbonated beverage made by distilling the sacred tree. The soda, made from 200-year-old cedar, has a taste that reminds you of the sacred atmosphere of the precincts. We share this leftover from before the gods with everyone.

Product development is conducted by QINO (, which develops products and experiences that cheer for the forest environment.

Sacred Tree Purification Mist 30ml

お清めミスト イメージPurification Mist from Sakataru Shrine Sacred Tree

A purification mist made by distilling the sacred tree.

It’s not just for spraying in spaces you want to purify, but also for refreshing yourself and switching moods by spraying

Sacred Tree
Omamori token

御神木のお守り イメージSacred Tree Omamori token

This amulet, which can be worn, incorporates the crest and name of Sakadari Shrine.

We pray that it brings the blessings from before the gods and helps everyone to stay healthy.

Note: The design and packaging of the return gifts are under development and may change.

Crowdfunding Campaign Overview

Project Title: Sharing the 200-year-old fallen sacred trees, rebuilding Sakadari Shrine, and supporting the revival of Noto!


Campaign Period: Scheduled from April 23, 2024 (Tuesday) to June 21, 2024 (Friday)

Sample Returns (Rewards):

  • JPY 3,000: A thank-you email from the priest
  • JPY 5,000: Sacred tree-made purification mist 30ml & a thank-you letter from the priest
  • JPY 7,000: Sacred tree-made wooden amulet & a thank-you letter from the priest
  • JPY 8,000: Sacred tree-made recovery wish ema & a thank-you letter from the priest
  • JPY 10,000: Set of three bottles of tree soda made from the sacred tree & a thank-you letter from the priest
  • JPY 12,000: Festival date’s special seal & a talisman from Sakadari Shrine
  • JPY 50,000: A prayer ceremony at our shrine & a recovery wish ema and amulet made from the sacred tree

Note: We will send a project report to all supporters. Note: The dispatch of return gifts is planned for around November 2024. Note: Please note that transportation costs to our shrine for prayers are not included.

The funds raised will be used for the following:

  • Removal of the fallen giant trees
  • Torii gates along the approach
  • Torii built on the landing place of the deity
  • Repairs to the shrine’s distorted foundation, walls, and seismic reinforcements
  • Roof replacement

About Sakadari Shrine

Located in Ushitsu, Noto Town, this shrine was established at the beginning of the Heian period (833-850). It is famous in Ishikawa Prefecture for its drift god legend, where it is said that the deity arrived on a sake barrel, carried by the northeast wind, a characteristic early spring phenomenon.

In April, the Hikiyama Festival features elaborately decorated floats parading through the streets, and in July, the Shrine leads the spectacular “Abare Festival,” characterized by wildly parading portable shrines and a 7-meter tall festival lantern, alongside Hakusan Shrine across the bay.

神社から見下ろす町並みの風景。遠島山と宇出津湾、また海を越えて越後の雪を冠した三嶺を遥かに望むことができますFrom the shrine, you can overlook the townscape, Tojimayama, and Ushitsu Bay, and even see the snowy peaks across the sea.

Donations in response to the Noto Earthquake

We sincerely sympathize with everyone affected by the recent earthquake.

Sakataru shrine also suffered significant damage from this disaster.
We are grateful for the kind offers of support for our restoration efforts.

If you wish to make a donation, we would appreciate a transfer to the account below, and filling out your contact information in the form provided. We will contact you later to express our gratitude.

Bank Details:

Hokkoku Bank (Hokkokuginkou) Ushitsu Branch (Branch No. 330) Ordinary Account No. (00) 93392 Account Holder: Sakadaljinja Kaikei (Kato Michio)
[ 北國銀行(ホッコクギンコウ) / 宇出津(ウシツ)支店 (店番330)/ 普通口座 (00) 93392 / サカダルジンジャ カイケイ (カトウミチオ) ]

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