Hatsumode (New Year’s Visit)January / January 1-3
Shonosai (Sagyōshō)January / 2nd Sunday
Sakataru Shrine Reisai (Spring Festival)April / 3rd Saturday and Sunday
Chinowa Kuguri (Chinowa-circling)June / 3rd Sunday until June 30
Yasaka Shrine Reisai (Abare matsuri)July / 1st Friday and Saturday
Autumn FestivalSeptember / 2nd Sunday
7-5-3 mairiNovember / 15th or near
Hatsu Miya Mairi (First Shrine Visit of the Year)On-demand
Yakubarai (Evil Warding Ritual)On-demand
Various Prayers (Safe Childbirth, Academic Success, Household Safety, etc.)On-demand
We also accept off-site ceremonies at locations outside our shrine

Hatsumode (New Year’s Visit)

Start the year by paying a visit to the local deity, praying for health and happiness.

Shonosai Festival (Flame-Burning Ceremony)

This ritual involves burning the amulets, charms, and lucky items that have protected us throughout the year, expressing gratitude for divine blessings.

Spring Festival

The most important annual festival where the Sakataru Mikoshi and Hakusan Mikoshi parade through the town, as well as the giant floats.

Chinowa Kuguri (Chinowa-circling Ritual)


Yasaka Shrine Festival (Abarerimatsuri)

This festival involves the spirited transfer of Susano-no-Mikoto, the deity of Yasaka Shrine, to the Abarerimikoshi of Sakusho and Hakusan, parading vigorously through the streets.

Autumn Festival

The Sakyusha Mikoshi and Hakusan Mikoshi parade through the town during this autumn festival.