Donations in response to the Noto Earthquake

We sincerely sympathize with everyone affected by the recent earthquake.

Sakataru shrine also suffered significant damage from this disaster.
We are grateful for the kind offers of support for our restoration efforts.

If you wish to make a donation, we would appreciate a transfer to the account below, and filling out your contact information in the form provided. We will contact you later to express our gratitude.

Bank Details:

Hokkoku Bank (Hokkokuginkou) Ushitsu Branch (Branch No. 330) Ordinary Account No. (00) 93392 Account Holder: Sakadaljinja Kaikei (Kato Michio)
[ 北國銀行(ホッコクギンコウ) / 宇出津(ウシツ)支店 (店番330)/ 普通口座 (00) 93392 / サカダルジンジャ カイケイ (カトウミチオ) ]

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